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Posted by on Jun 27, 2015 in Blog, Portfolio, Portraits | 0 comments

Eastern Idaho Family Portraits

Eastern Idaho Family Portraits

Eastern Idaho Family Portraits

Syphus Family

This little family was too cute! Little Cade is adorable, and he is about to have a sister! Stephanie looks radiant, doesn’t she?! This family was awesome and fun to shoot. We took pictures at the BYU-I gardens and we used speedlites and natural lighting for all of these pictures. They came out great!

KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoFamilyPortraits1-1 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoFamilyPortraits1-2 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoFamilyPortraits1-3 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoFamilyPortraits1-4 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoFamilyPortraits1-5 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoFamilyPortraits1-6 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoFamilyPortraits1-7 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoFamilyPortraits1-8 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoFamilyPortraits1-9 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoFamilyPortraits1-10

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