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Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Blog, Portfolio, Portraits | 0 comments

Eastern Idaho Men’s Fashion Photography

Eastern Idaho Men’s Fashion Photography

What do you think of when you hear fashion photography? Well I hope your answer was Eastern Idaho, because that’s what I was thinking!! Never heard of fashion and Eastern Idaho? Then you’re behind! I’ve grown to realize that there’s all sorts of fashion in Eastern Idaho, and everyone has different styles too! I had a fashion photo shoot with some awesome models at the Sand Dunes in St. Anthony, ID. Here’s a few of the many fashionable people from Rexburg. 🙂


Eastern Idaho Men Fashion Photography


Eastern Idaho Men Fashion Photography


Eastern Idaho Men Fashion Photography

The pictures above were taken with a reflector. We happened to stumble upon an awesome home that had tons of old cars, and we asked the owners if we could take pictures with the cars! How nice of them to let us! The cars were awesome, and they were just what we need for our pictures!


Eastern Idaho Men Fashion Photography

The ones above were taken with natural light. I had just looked at him, and took the shot out of impulse, and I felt like it was an awesome one! Ian is such a cool guy, and I love this picture of him!


Eastern Idaho Men Fashion Photography

The one above were taken with a reflector. I didn’t have to do anything major to it, except for a bit of sharpening in the eyes.

This was such an awesome photoshoot! It was fun to be able to spend time taking these awesome pictures. I was able to do this shoot with a lot of awesome classmates. Check out Vanessa Godfrey’s page!



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