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Posted by on Jun 6, 2015 in Blog, Nature, Portfolio | 0 comments

Eastern Idaho Outdoor Light Painting

Eastern Idaho Outdoor Light Painting

Have you guys heard of light painting? Well let me tell you about it! Light painting is a lighting technique used in photography where we underexpose the subject so much that we can only see it with a flashlight or a speedlight! This is awesome because you’re able to illuminate only certain parts of your picture to make it interesting. And guess what? Eastern Idaho is the best place to do it!

My class and I went to Victor, Idaho and spent a weekend over there. We were able to do so much! Here’s some of my outdoor light painting photos. I had so much fun! I was able to do a lot of these with other students, and some on my own. I was able to get three different styles of light painting: Dave Black Style,
Flashlight & Speedlight Combo, and Bracketed. For the Dave Black style, I used a very long exposure and didn’t do any editing (Dave Black does awesome lightpaintings and he’s awesome to check out for any inspiration you may need!). For the Combo, I used a Flashlight to light certain parts of the picture and a speedlight to add a pop of color every so often. And for the bracketed picture, I took three different pictures of light paintings of the same object and layered them in photoshop! It was awesome.


Eastern Idaho Outdoor Light painting



Eastern Idaho Outdoor Light painting: Bracketed



Eastern Idaho Outdoor Light painting: Dave Black Style



Eastern Idaho Outdoor Light painting: Combo



Eastern Idaho Outdoor Light painting

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