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Posted by on May 8, 2015 in Blog, Portfolio, Portraits | 0 comments

Head Shots and Lighting Patterns

Head Shots and Lighting Patterns

This week we were to take head shots and practice lighting patterns we recently learned–we were able to learn about rembrandt, split, loop, butterfly, and clamshell lighting. This was a fun experience, since I love taking portraits (and head shots) and being able to capture people’s personalities in the process. As you can see, the pictures I chose are somewhat candid. Although they were technically posing, I loved the pictures in which they would talk with the rest of us, and would start laughing–That’s what I have here for most of them. I also wanted to show my favorite kinds of lighting that I learned today. All images were lightly edited in Lightroom using the spot removal tool, and a continuous light was used during the shoot.

1. Rembrandt Lighting: This is such a beautiful picture! I love her smile, and the shadows on her face make it even more interesting.


2. Split Lighting: This looks like a very mysterious picture! Her pose and the shadows make us wonder what she could be hiding!


3. Clamshell Lighting: Doug is such a smiley kid. In this picture, he was holding a gold reflector right under his face, and this fills in the shadows.


4. Butterfly Lighting: Once again, Doug is a funny kid. The light equipment was above him and the shadows on his cheeks and under his nose chisel out his features.


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