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Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Blog | 10 comments

Personal Style

Personal Style



KarlaLugo-PersonalStyle-8 KarlaLugo-PersonalStyle-7 KarlaLugo-PersonalStyle-6 KarlaLugo-PersonalStyle-5 KarlaLugo-PersonalStyle-4 KarlaLugo-PersonalStyle-3 KarlaLugo-PersonalStyle-2 KarlaLugo-PersonalStyle-1

Personal Style

As a photographer I have always wondered what I liked to shoot. I finally realized that I was intrigued by darker photography. Whether it be about lighting and interesting shadows, to dark fairy tale story montages, to emotional pictures, I love it all.

Lately I have been going through some struggles. I have many things going on through my head. It’s not easy, and it is sometimes difficult for me to figure out what it is that I need at the moment. Sometimes I feel in need of help, sometimes I feel hopeless, other times I feel fearless, alone, at peace, happy, stressed, lost, and confused. There is so much that goes on, and I wanted to show that. These are all pictures of me, and they all show the different parts of me.

I did this in my living room with a snoot on a flash and thought to myself’: “I started out the semester doing a SQUIBB, might as well finish it the same!” I also did very minor editing. I enhanced my eyes in Photoshop, and I took out one little blemish that was bothering me and was very distracting. I left all other imperfections because that was part of what I wanted: I wanted to show my imperfections and how they make me beautiful.


  1. Karla, these images are so powerful. Each emotion is completely recognizable in your faces. I think each one is stunningly beautiful. YOU are an incredible person inside and out. I love the time I’ve been blessed to be in your presence.
    I really enjoy the style of photography you did. The SQIBB effect is one of my favorites. Check out some of my SQIBB photography.

  2. You are probably the most gorgeous person inside and out! Your style is very reflective of your personality and what your going through in life. I absolutely loved learning from you!

  3. Karla, no joke, this is the best thing that you have produced this semester. It blew me away. It is dark, professional, classy, and so you. Keep this forever. 🙂 You have done so great this semester.

  4. Nice style Karla. It has been great to have you in class, and get to know you better. I love how this project is so personal, and portrays so much emotion. Great job with it. Keep up the great work! I think the first one on your spread is my favorite.

  5. This is beautiful Karla. You never cease to amaze me! I love how you captured your personalities and emotions in this photo series. Seeing how you started out as a photographer and how far you have grown since has been an amazing experience. I’m blessed to be able to be around and see that growth. You’re amazing Karla

  6. Karla, my wonderfully dark friend. You are so fun! We’ve had a great time in our classes together. I like your personal style project and I like that you chose to do something so personal. Great choices!

  7. Holy guacamole! I really think you are the queen of producing incredible work under pressure. Your PSW gurus are awesome and this is gorgeous. I loved you presentation because it was so personal and I really think each of us have felt a portion of the things you feel and we can all relate. I seriously nearly cried (:

  8. Karla, I’m so glad you were part of our group this semester! Thanks for sharing your work and being so open with all of us – it brought all of us a little closer. When I saw your personal style project had changed I was so glad it was changed to this! This totally represents you, and I think many people would love to have something exactly like this done! Keep working hard and make things happen – create!

  9. Karla, you are so feisty and I LOVE it! Your personal style series is absolutely STUNNING and sends such a powerful message. You are such a freaking BABE! Thank you for always being so open and honest even about the difficult things. I really felt like our class was one big family this semester and you definitely contributed to that. Your courage and strength is inspiring. I’m so glad we still have Photoshop World because I’m just not ready to say goodbye yet!! See you soon 🙂

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