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Posted by on Jul 1, 2015 in Blog | 1 comment

Rexburg Nature Prints

Rexburg Nature Prints

Rexburg Nature Prints

Fine Art Prints in Rexburg, Idaho

I’ve decided to do something for my business and print some of my favorite fine art prints and sell them around Rexburg. I decided to go first to where I work, at Progrexion, because I’ve seen that they buy prints from photographers every once in a while. I did a plan for what to do, and I showed them multiple pictures that they could choose from to print. They really liked my lightpainting pictures, so they asked me more about them, and I told them about some I would be doing this weekend during 4th of July, and said I could print some for them. I will be printing them next week, and will be displaying them at Progrexion, and taking a few of them to some offices around town for sale.

KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-1 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-2 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-3 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-4 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-5 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-6 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-7 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-8 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-9 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-10 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-11 KarlaLugo-EasternIdahoPhotographer-12

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