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Posted by on Jun 20, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Senior At Any Age, pt. 2

Senior At Any Age, pt. 2

Senior At Any Age

Senior Portraits

So this post is a little weird… Why, do you ask? Because of what I did this week! I did Senior Portraits. To say the truth, I’m not sure what Senior portraits are. They look like normal portraits… But for seniors? Ohh well! I had some interesting models (and by interesting, I mean me, my husband, and my grandmother). So I took pictures of my grandmother, because she is an actual senior, and because knowledge comes at any age. Did you know that the oldest person to graduate college was 95 years old? That’s crazy! Anyway, I also decided to take pictures of myself and my husband, since we are graduating soon.


Senior At Any Age: Laila


Senior At Any Age: Laila’s “Sexy” Pose


Senior At Any Age: Laila


So my grandma may be old, but she looks awesome! She is such a spunky little woman, and that shows in her pictures. We also took some group shots, and unfortunately that did not work! There was a half naked baby running around, and getting in and out of our pictures, and the whole self-timer thing was not working! Overall, it was an awesome experience, though! I wouldn’t mind hiring myself for some portraits again šŸ˜‰



Senior At Any Age: Group Shot


Senior At Any Age: Attempted Group Shot


Senior At Any Age: Another Attempt at A Group Shot

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