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Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

Still-life Macro Photography, part 2

Still-life Macro Photography, part 2


Canon EOS REBEL T5, Focal Length 56, F-stop 5.6, SS 1/160

So I was able to go on a school excursion last week to Victor, Idaho and the Tetons / Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We had loads of fun taking pictures all weekend long. One set of pictures we took were of macro photography! We were able to set up multiple stations around our lodge (Sky Mountain Lodge in Victor, ID), and we rotated through the stations.


Canon EOS REBEL T5, Focal Length 135mm, F-stop 5.6, SS 1/200

We had speedlights (YN II Speedlight) and/or continuous lights (LED light) in every other station. For this, I used a Canon 18-135mm lens with a 67mm close up camera lens filter kit (I used the 4x on a few things, and changed to a 10x for the fish-eye effect). This allowed me to take some great macro pictures without a macro lens or macro tubes! I adjusted my camera’s white balance to Flash, and that made my pictures have a balanced worm color, instead of a cold blue color to them (because of the flash). Another thing that I noticed was that I had to change my settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, and F-stop) a few times: I realized that a low F-stop is good for certain items, but when I tried to take the fish-eye water drop, it made my images too blurry and had to go all the way to an F-stop of 9. For editing I lightly adjusted the contrast, exposure, clarity, and vibrance, all in Lightroom. My husband looked at my pictures (I have to admit that I rely on his opinion about 95% of the time!) and he said they were good 🙂 Of course, he just asked me to tweak the exposure in some of them, so that’s what I did, and they did look a lot better afterwards!


Canon EOS REBEL T5, Focal length 88mm, f-stop 5.6, SS 1/160

These images were so much fun. It’s always fun to see every day things in different ways. If you ever want to take cool new pictures of every day things, then you need to try macro photography!


Canon EOS REBEL T5, Focal length 135mm, F-stop 5.6, SS 1/100

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