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Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in Blog, Featured, Portfolio, Portraits | 0 comments

Working with SQIBB (Studio Quality Invisible Black Background)

Working with SQIBB (Studio Quality Invisible Black Background)

For this first assignment, we were supposed to use the technique taught by Glyn Dewis: Invisible Black Background (or SQIBB: Studio Quality Invisible Black Background). The camera settings for this assignment were similar to shooting with bright light, since we will be using a speed light. The objective is to make the picture as dark as possible (dark enough so that you can’t see anything without auxiliary light), and then add the speed light to illuminate part of the picture. My F-stop was at 10, and my SS was at 1/200 – 1/250. I made sure to set my white balance to flash, and my ISO as low as possible.

For this, I was my own model (ohh yay…!), along with my daughter. I usually have my husband pose for me, but he’s been in class too much! I rented some equipment from the school (a camera, a light kit, and a light stand) as I knew I would need them. I used the school camera because it has the capability of synchronizing with a remote, which I needed for my self-portraits. I wasn’t able to use the speed light on the stand because the “foot” (is that what it’s called?) wasn’t included, so I had to hold the flash by myself, which was pretty hard to do and take pictures! Because of this, I had to set up a timer on the camera so that I could press the button, and fix the camera and flash while the picture was taken. This limited what I could do with some of my pictures, as the angles were a little limited and when it came to my daughter, it was hard trying to make her sit still for more than two seconds! For some reason, some of the pictures of my daughter came out a little grainy… Not sure why, and that’s why I held back on making them a little lighter! Overall, though, I’m pleased with the results.

KarlaLugo-SQIBB-1 KarlaLugo-SQIBB-2 KarlaLugo-SQIBB-3 KarlaLugo-SQIBB-4 KarlaLugo-SQIBB-5 KarlaLugo-SQIBB-6 KarlaLugo-SQIBB-7 KarlaLugo-SQIBB-8

Setup Image: Unfortunately this was the best picture we were able to take of the setup… My daughter can’t stop moving!! It was taken with my husband’s phone.


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